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The same as before and you can improve the ROI and ROAS of your advertising. If the goal of using a CSS partner is to reach more traffic at the same price the price offers can be kept the same as before. In this case the possible advantage culminates in the fact that for the same money you get more impressions and clicks on your website than before. It should be noted however that the increase in volume is often seen specifically in connection with less specific keywords and thus the click rate and conversion rate of the

Campaigns may decrease

Read also: The importance of the click-through rate in Google Ads and how to interpret it Utilization of the advantage in practice You should remember that the advantage in the bidding competition is only against Googles CSS. Therefore if the competitors  business email list operating in your industry have also been aware and are using a CSS partner in their Shopping advertising they will not be able to achieve more favorable click prices in the bidding competition. It is clear that in industries where CSS partners are not yet widely used it is also easiest

To notice clear changes

In the analytics after switching to a CSS partner . Of course its worth noting that if all of your competitors are using CSS partners theyll have this 2% advantage in their bids against your company in the auction. So you may pay more on GN Lists average per click in your Shopping advertising even if the price offers are identical to your competitors. If your price offers for example are significantly higher than the general market the advantage may not be utilized in the best possible way. Lets imagine a situation where the price offer for your product

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