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Through these things in a little more detail next. 2% competitive advantage compared to Googles CSS Shopping CSS partners have the opportunity to offer up to 2% lower cost per click compared to Shopping ads that come directly through Google. This is often why it makes sense to consider using CSS partners. However the whole of advertising must be taken into account in order to truly evaluate the benefits that can be achieved. Often when discussing the possibility of CSS partners offering up to 2% advantage in CPC

Prices the question arises

How can this advantage or discount be seen or verified? The discount is about a price advantage compared to Google CSS in the bid auction b2b leads not an outright 2% discount. A 2% discount from the per-click prices is therefore not a refundable amount for example and it is therefore also not visible through the Google Ads user interface. This causes the most confusion in the discussion about CSS partners. CSS partners and MRACE®: What does competitive advantage enable? The advantage of using a CSS partner can be

Approached from the perspective

The MRACE® models reach and convert phase metrics in two different ways: 1 From the perspective of cost savings or 2 from the perspective of a wider reach. When using a CSS partner in the reach phase of the MRACE® model you GN Lists can save money by calculating the price offers of product groups for example 1–2% when a CSS partner is introduced. This way even if you count the bids you will achieve the same amount of visibility and clicks due to the advantage in the bid auction against Googles CSS. So for less money you get

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