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Companies and agencie Nintendo, Microsoft’s Xbox, of their products to defend them from the competition. But isn’t this a contradiction with the sharing principle that guides the network? The Wall Garden is a software system in which the service manager has total control over the product. It is therefore the owner who decides which applications, contents and mia can enter into dialogue with his digital product and can limit access bas on a principle of convenience, i.e. business. Apple iOS, Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s PlayStation.

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Nintendo, Microsoft’s Xbox, Facebook, Locial seo expate bd networks are the example of today’s Wall Garden. But does it still make sense to lock down platforms in ? Yes, definitely for these companies! But it turns out to be a disadvantage for customers as it limits their choices after purchasing the product. Why do companies prefer Wall Gardens ? Because this way they can control a market and manage all its development, implementation and business characteristics. The example in Italy was Enel which had a monopoly on energy, SIP Telecom which had exclusivity in telephony.

Or the State Railways

On rail traffic. In recent decades, for GN Lists example, social networks have made exceptional use of this possibility as users customers, recognizing themselves in a network of peers and similar, themselves promote a partially clos and exclusive system which becomes a private community (Gat Community). . Exclusivity, camaraderie and a strong sense of belonging immiately guid users, who appreciat this choice, but now the nes have chang. looking for the greatest possible freom, in fact out of iPhones are crack. Which means that despite the quality plac in the Apple product, consumers do not want to feel cag by the Cupertino company. The possibility of personalization is already underway in social networks but the steps are still slow. The biggest Wall Garden today is Facebook. In fact, it has its own economic convenience that is developing without brakes.

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