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That the Goldberg machine or solve crimes. There was also a proposal of 15 reliable team building games . Among these over 100 attractions for events, everyone will surely find the perfect proposal for themselves. A few examples of integration games Treasure hunt field game Although it is simple fun and may remind us of the scam we know from childhood, it is very popular and employees like it very much. Among the various physical games, it is distinguishe by the fact that, by the way, you can see interesting attractions in the area. For example, gorges of mountain streams, waterfalls, rock groups or ruins of meieval castles. 

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Integration games – treasure hunt Alcohol goggles obstacle course For many people, it can become a favorite integration game. It is an photo editor interesting movement fun and certainly cheerful. We can imagine the tasks to be performe freely. For example, moving a tray of drinks or walking on a conveyor belt on the ground. The fun is in getting the job done on time. It’s not difficult, but you have to do it in alcohol goggles. At the same time, each person has a chance to see how the perception of the world changes.

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After a few per mille and to laugh at will – at their own and co-workers’ struggles. Scenario games Among the most interesting integration games , scenario games certainly attract attention . The fun is, for example, solving a crime mystery or finding a spy or finding a treasure . Of course, such integration GN Lists games require prior preparation and development of an original scenario. The idea is to surprise the participants, but also to give them a chance to solve the puzzle and have fun. These are not typical movement games, but you can develop a scenario in which you will also have to do some fun exercises.

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