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Group is €5 but the competitors offer a maximum of €1. In this case you still pay about one euro per click so the discount is not achieved. In situations where the bid is in the same range as the competition you have the greatest potential to truly get the much-touted 2% profit in CPCs. In addition the different pricing models of CSS services must be taken into account. There is no reason to pay exorbitant amounts for using CSS services. So you should carefully consider which CSS partner to use. CSS and automated bidding strategies

Nowadays it is often justified

To use automatic bidding strategies or Smart Shopping instead of a manually set price per click in Shopping advertising. In addition Shopping advertising can also be done in the Maximum Results campaign format Also known as Performance Max. Campaign formats that utilize automatic bidding strategies and artificial intelligence also achieve a competitive business lead advantage against Googles CSS when using a CSS partner. Due to the price offers changing according to the algorithm the advantage is not always as easy to spot. However there is an advantage and it often makes sense to use CSS partners even if the campaigns use Googles AI-

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 Performance Max campaign type and other Google Ads innovations: What is known? Summary: Great potential that works best in capable hands Demonstrating the benefits of CSS partners is not always easy due to several factors GN Lists discussed in this blog as well. The fact that there is not a lot of completely objective source material on how the benefit from the CSS partnership works or how it should be used also creates its own challenge. Google does not find a single output on that topic. The available information is largely data

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