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From there, we built the new Inbound Marketing strategy . The solution After evaluating what was already being done, we realiz that several Inbound Marketing strategies were already being implement. However, without the necessary quality and effort. Some of our actions were: M. Pollo Success Story: The solution Tip: Orgânica is an award-winning Inbound Marketing Agency . Know more! The results We generate more qualifi leads , considerably rucing the time the representative nes to close deals and shortening the sales cycle . The effects were visible and quick to act. Compar to the same period last year, M.

This allows the company to control expenses and

Pollo clos 45% more deals with new retailers and had a 23% increase in revenue . All of this with a 40% lower investment , a consequence of well-defin actions that avoid wasting resources. Check out some of our results: Cost Per Click (CPC) decreas by approximately 28% . This allows the company to control expenses and invest better. The average special data ticket , which represents the average amount spent on orders, increas by 14% . The blog and website saw a 128.67% increase in sessions , not to mention a 134.98% increase in new users.

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With these results, the ROI in this period rose to 1.93 . This means that, for every R$1.00 invest, M. Pollo earn R$1.93 . Beatriz Carvalho, Marketing Analyst at M. Pollo, comments on the partnership with Orgânica: ” Team participative and engag in the special data client’s project. Very open to feback and very agile in resolving any situation. ” See also the testimony of André Ribeiro, the company’s National Sales Manager.

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