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And interpretations obtained on the basis of the agencies own experiments as well as descriptions of companies belonging to the CSS partner program. This leads to a broader theme in Google advertising and marketing in general i.e. data-driven marketing . Making sensible decisions is impossible if they are not based on the correct interpretation of relevant data. In summary it could be said that the use of CSS partners in Google Shopping advertising has great potential but without an understanding of Google

Advertising and the ability

To analyze the effects of the change the benefits may remain unrealized. Companies using CSS Comparison Shopping Services partners in Shopping advertising gain a competitive business database advantage in the bid auction against Google CSS At best CSS can make it possible to reach buying customers at a cheaper price than before or to increase the number of customers without having to increase the used media budget. When choosing CSS partners the whole of Google advertising the market situation and the costs related to the

Implementation of the CSS service

Must be taken into account Through us it is also possible to use a CSS partner as part of your Shopping advertising. Ask us for a free Google Ads audit and we will tell you if there is room for improvement in your Shopping advertising. Learn more about Google advertising GN Lists you thinking about clarifying your companys marketing strategy? Thats good because with a marketing strategy you can make your companys marketing produce a better result. Better results are not limited to single channels or campaigns but results improve on

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