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Pick email these are all forms of brand promotion tailore to the nees and expectations of potential customers. Marketing consulting is the process of searching for and improving strategies for promotion, sales and distribution to the recipients. The consulting agency may: support the company in promoting a new product, help it reach a new group of recipients or a wider group of customers, as well as expand its activities into new markets, strengthen the company’s presence in a specific communication channel, increase sales of specific products, build a competitive advantage. Operational consulting Operational consulting is base on the optimization of the company’s current operations in such a way as to maximize its efficiency and guarantee the highest profits.

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The consulting process may include: on introducing changes in the company’s marketing, implementing innovative solutions for supply chain management, outsourcing certain activities or updating the company’s organizational culture . IT consulting Today, in the era of modern technologies, IT support is an invaluable business management tool. The implementation photo editor of appropriate IT solutions can translate into an increase in the efficiency of various processes – it can improve communication and information flow, reuce operating costs, and consequently improve the functioning of the entire company. The comprehensive IT consulting service provide by a professional consulting agency is a process of matching IT solutions to the technological nees of the company.

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In addition, it is the management of the already existing IT infrastructure. Analysis of activities and nees, support of the IT department.  Technological supervision, construction and integration of IT systems.  Technological consulting. Financial and tax consultancy Efficient management of a company’s finances is of paramount importance to its overall market position and ultimate success. Bad financial policy exposes the company to losses. Unfortunately, maintaining or improving profitability is a difficult task.  That requires specialist GN Lists knowlege and experience. That is why it is worth entrusting them to professionals. The tasks of the consulting agency as part of financial advice include.

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