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Evaboot Linkin Sales URLs to Linkin URLs: Copy-paste the unique ID from URL Use a Google Sheet formula Use Evaboot Linkin Sales Navigator scraper . Copy-paste the unique ID from URL It’s actually really easy to convert a Sales Navigator URL to a Linkin URL manually. It’s basically a copy-paste. Step : copy-paste the code between “lead ” and the first comma. convert sales navigator url to linkin url Step : and paste the code you copi after that. convert sales navigator url code Congratulations. You just convert.

A Sales Navigator

URL into a Linkin URL in seconds., the process seo expate bd is pretty much the same. Copy and paste the unique ID in the URL convert sales navigator company url to linkin url Then paste this ID after company ” linkin url company page conversion This approach works if you only have a few Sales Navigator URL to convert. What about if you have hundrs of them? Answer in next part. Use a Google Sheet formula If you have hundrs of Sales Navigator URL’s to convert, you can use a Google Sheet formula to convert them all at once.

Here is a Google Sheet

Formula you can copy-paste (just it the cell GN Lists if necessary, here it’s A ) This formula works exactly the same in Excel and Google Sheesales Create a Google Sheet or Excel file and add your Linkin Sales Navigator URLs in the first column. convert sales navigator urls to linkin url google sheet formula Step : Copy-paste the Google Sheet formula in the nd and apply the formula to all the cells of the columns clicking and dragging. sales navigator url conversion google sheet To convert company page URL’s, you can use this formula instead:(A ,”This process is more efficient than the manual one. But what if I told you that you could do even better? More in the next partUse

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