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Advice with an innovative and sustainable approach The program seeks to contribute to improving the quality of life of the community through initiatives that significantly impact the social, economic and environmental context. Not only and in the 2021-2 semester there are 55 students who, guid by teacher Patrick Michael Villamizar Morales , They have been working with 11 artisans from the Municipality of Puente Pira . Augusto Javes Sánchez. Not only specialist director of the Administration degree. Not only  maintain that the academic objective of this joint work between artisans and our students will allow the organizations in our environment to: Develop a business strategy, as well as the mechanisms to implement and evaluate it.

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Optimize key business processes with a focus on quality and continuous improvement. Incorporate market analysis techniques and practices to effectively manage customer relationships and acquisition. Develop digital marketing strategies for advertising and commercial purposes, making the most of existing channels and technology. advisory A first advance of this joint work could be materializ in the first interdistrict fair “Manos Puenteprinas” held in the “La Amistad” park in the district of Santiago de Surco, held from September 23 to 26. Our dean of the Faculty of Business, Augusto Cáceres Rosell, comment that this program in the current business database context of the global Pandemic represents a challenge for the university world in order to contribute to training professionals “masters of their destiny” who collaborate in the construction of a better society to live in, as well as strengthening the management capabilities of MYPES.

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Traditional means of internal communication are no longer sufficient in the current work context. Hence the ne to apply appropriate marketing strategies GN Lists to the workplace in order to attract and retain human talent. marketing. Not only. The competitiveness of today’s market requires not only finding the best profiles, but also retaining them. Not only. Promoting an excellent work environment and keeping the team happy is no longer enough. Other companies could have better job offers, with better conditions, and therefore those that do not have an equivalent offer will be left without their best professionals.

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