What is a podcast and how to make the most of it in your Digital Strategy

What is a podcast and how to make the most of it in your Digital Strategy. Years ago you mentioned the concept of a podcast on the street and no one understood you. Today it is a popular format thanks to the efforts of large multinationals such as Amazon, Facebook or Spotify in promoting and obtaining brand recognition in this category, as well as influencers who have undertaken content in audio format achieving million-dollar audiences, such as Joe Rogan or, in Spanish, The Wild Project. The advantages of creating your own podcast are multiple.

What is a podcast (and what it is not)

A podcast is audio that can be listened to on a delayed basis, and that is part of a season or program. Typically, podcasts are uploaded to a single platform. Therefore, and then distributed to others such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts via an RSS feed. An RSS feed is a URL that includes all the information related to your show and its episodes: name, description, images, publication job function email list date, author, among others. Thanks to this RSS feed you can distribute your podcast on any other network like the ones we will mention during the guide.

Generates more trust than the written format

Therefore, Generates more trust than the written format. Hearing someone’s voice is more personal, intimate, and conveys more trust than an article. It is an excellent way to complement your blog’s Inbound GN Lists Marketing strategy. Therefore, which can also accompany your episodes with a transcript or guide that summarizes. The fundamental aspects covered in each episode. In this way, we can also do SEO covering keywords in each podcast.

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