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Also in April of that year, he began his pre-professional internship at the Institute of Economics and Business SAC, a company that advises the La Libertad Regional Government on public policy issues, where he was commission to make projections under statistical models that explain the evolution and impact of the SARS-CoV-2 in the La Libertad region. “Clearly define preferences regarding a field of study for your professional career” He has also carri out pre-professional internships at the FARMICA clinic in the city of Trujillo. “I was in charge of developing economic and financial indicators for decision-making and data generation according to the nes and priorities of the clinic’s organic units,” adds our student.

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Likewise, he has been part of the technical team of the Public Management Observatory (OGP) of the College of Economists of La Libertad, with the objective of analyzing the state of public investment in this region to strengthen the decision-making process, and was business lead winner of the Expoinnova UPN 2021 contest with the business idea “Give Me Your Task”. Last August he was select to lead the 2021 Update Course for Economics Students organiz by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, and is currently head of practices for the Economic Growth and Development course at the Faculty of Economics of the Peruvian University of Sciences Appli (UPC).

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Clearly define your preferences regarding a field of study in your professional career. I also recommend developing a lot of intuition about the area in which we operate and having strong quantitative tools, since quantitative methods are transversal to all fields,” is the advice that Renato gives to our students. Learn about other testimonies from our Business students by entering our blogging platform .Artisans from the northern GN Lists district benefit from the advice offer by 55 students from our Administration degree. advisory Students of our Administration degree at the Los Olivos campus have participat since August of this year in the MYPES Consulting Program in an agreement between our university and the Municipality of Puente Pira,

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