Ion’s Marketing Technology Stack

In 2016, Scott Brinker, also known as ChiefMartec, collaborated with his Ion co-founder to showcase their marketing tech stack for the second-annual Stackie Awards. They decided it would be a fun exercise to frame Ion’s marketing tech in the context of its processes. Though Ion may not be eligible to compete for a Stackie, they were excited about creating their own.

Foundational and Helper Marketing Technology

Ion engages teams at a level that wasn’t possible back in 2016. Most marketing assets, like blog posts and videos, were static at that time. The Ws Data modern consumer wants more from their buyer’s journey. They want their digital environment to be interactive.

Interactive content enables readers to connect with the material on a personal level. Modern marketers take it to the next stage with content that makes buying fun and informative. As consumers play with this entertaining content, they reveal details that the sales team can use to identify their needs more accurately.

Interactive content includes:

  • Calculators
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Personality tests
  • Augmented reality overlays
  • Giveaways
  • Contests

Once-static marketing materials are becoming interactive, such as ebooks, white papers, and infographics. Interactive marketing engages the consumer in a meaningful and memorable way.

Each interactive activity supplies valuable information that sales teams can use to gain a better understanding of the buyer’s behavior and journey. Some also require them to provide contact information that sales personnel can use to boost conversions.

The Customer Journey with Ion

on doesn’t stop at just one piece of interactive content. It organically collects data through many pages of interactions. Then, with one click, the sales team can visualize the customer’s journey. They can look at each step and see the information harvested from it.

Since sales and marketing teams work hand-in-hand, they may collaborate on the results provided by Ion to understand the customer journey better. They could look for ways to tweak the content to filter out unqualified buyers and extract more meaningful GN Lists information. As a result, Ion provides sales intelligence, something you can use to increase your revenue.

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