How to Succeed with Sponsored Content

At this point, modern consumers have encountered so many banner ads and similar types of advertising that they’ve learned to automatically tune them out when surfing the web.

As a result, today’s digital marketers have had to come up with smoother ways to get through to their target audiences, and sponsored content is an incredibly effective example.

Do You Need to Disclose Sponsored Content

In some cases, the brand that sponsors the content may create it in-house.

However, it’s much more common for sponsors to Ws Database outsource the production to professionals or pay the publishing entity to do it on their behalf (as with influencer marketing partnerships).

A piece of sponsored content is an advertisement, but it can also be a valuable piece of branded content in its own right. According to research, consumers tend to remember branded content nearly twice as long as they recall ordinary content.

It can also be a valuable part of a brand’s ongoing social media strategy. For example, you can market LinkedIn sponsored content to your existing followers via your standard feed.

The process works similarly on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Sponsors can create posts using the advertising tools available to them. But many also have terrific luck partnering with influencers who have already established audiences.

Sponsored content vs. advertorials

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As with other types of content, a sponsored post’s success relies on its ability to inform, entertain, or inspire a reader.

But the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) still requires it to be marked as such so that it doesn’t mislead consumers. This is typically done by adding a special caption, hashtag, or another label.

Without proper disclosure, a creator risks landing in hot water with the FTC as well as their publishing GN Lists platform. They also risk damaging their reputation and relationships with consumers.

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