Making a measurement plan and setting

As can be seen from the image above the CSS partner can be identified in Shopping ads by the bottom where it normally says By Google when using Googles CSS. In this case the CSS used by Nordic Hair House is ProductHero. Companies belonging to the CSS partner program are therefore able to display Shopping ads on Google. In the Google example above CSS A and CSS B represent the service providers in the partner program. As I mentioned earlier Google Shopping itself is also a CSS provider.

But what are the concrete

 Benefits of using a CSS partner from the point of view of an advertising company and what are the challenges associated with using CSS service providers? CSS and MRACE ® : more effective reach or cost savings? Googles Shopping advertising and thus also b2b email list the price comparison services have an effect above all in the reach and convert phases of the MRACE® model . In the Reach phase the aim is to increase awareness and the goal of advertising is to bring a potential flow of visitors to the website. In the convert

Phase the customer is already

 Clearly interested in the product or service and the goal of advertising is to convert leads into buying customers. You can also familiarize yourself with the MRACE® model in our podcast . Using GN Lists CSS services can have significant effects on the key metrics of the reach and convert phases. On the other hand the benefits to be achieved are also easy to misunderstand and they are not always easy to verify. We will go

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