The online reputation plan and the actions

Have we identified the most influential collaborators on social networks. The online reputation plan and the actions aimed at managing this collective asset are a sum of preventive activities and reactive tactics that seek to protect and increase the trust earned as individuals or a company. Within reactive tactics. there is a little used and planned possibility: the use of influencers or opinion leaders to confront threats or crises and to enhance opportunities. Recognizing whether we have this type of characters in the business and adding them to the social media work team is mandatory. even when they do not belong to areas related to the management of social presence.

Since it will be fed by influential people

The online reputation plan will be strengthened by this action. Since it will be fed by influential business database people committed to generating trust for the organization. Let’s review the elements that make the difference in making high-impact digital advertising. that which brings measurable and sustainable benefits to your business. Digital advertising dethroned analog advertising. It is a true statement and difficult to refute. It sounds like an exaggeration. but it is not.

And ability to achieve quantifiable

Digital. for a long time. won the game over analog in efficiency. And ability to achieve GN Lists quantifiable results. Although the defenders of the traditional still have some arguments left to fight. they have lost the war. What arguments are left at hand? Few the corporate support of the major media. The visual impact of the real world continues to be attractive – something that in our opinion is a debatable perception – and (iii) the provision of physical evidence for the brand presence.

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