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We do however recognize that that in some industries, the focus on corporate social responsibility may mean temporarily pausing advertising campaigns until circumstances return to normal. As always, we are paying close attention to our clients’ campaign performance and making changes where necessary in an effort to mitigate any negative effects. We recommend you carefully evaluate the needs of your business and your customers during this uncertain time and avoid making drastic changes to your advertising unless recommended by the campaign manager. Either way, we are prepared to work with you to ensure that your advertising campaigns go as planned.

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Respond to Reviews on Google Business Profile. Facebook During this time, it may be beneficial to respond to any reviews that are present on your.  Google Business Profile and Facebook business pages. Responding to reviews in general Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists can assist with boosting organic. Rankings and will show stakeholders and customers that you are still present. Making the time and effort to respond to your valued clients. Keep Your Customers Informed During COVID-19 with an Online Strategy.  We are committed to assisting our clients with any communication that is necessary to protect our client’s stakeholders and customers.


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Communicating effectively with your customers ensures.  They are kept up to date and aware of any changes in your company’s internal processes and precautions. We recommend that you add your own brand personality to any communication GN Lists and ensure that you customize communications to suit the individual needs of your business. Stay tuned for my next rant on the common misconception that results will happen overnight for your projects. Future customers will look at your response to determine if they should come to your location. It is hard to be a business owner and sometimes people leaving a review are unfair but accusing them or insulting them (yes this happens!) will only hurt you in the long run.

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