The alert bar can be designed with your brand colours

Alternatively, if your website has a notification banner. You can create a new alert banner in relation to COVID-19 with a link to the desire page. Example: COVID-19 Alert Bar Recommend Messaging. Stay Safe During COVID-19 The health & safety of our clients & staff is of utmost priority to us. To learn more about safety measures we have in place, please read our release in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak. You can also check out our tutorial video on how to quickly and easily add an alert bar on a WordPress.  website: Update Your Google Business Profile If a change in hours, closures or special hours are require for your business due to COVID-19. This must be update across all Google Business Profile listings.

The health & safety of our clients & staff

Updates to either your business description.  Google Business Profile post are recommend as well to notify current and potential customers of any immediate changes to your company’s procedures. Post Business Updates on Facebook There have been CIO and CTO Email Lists millions of Facebook posts in relation to COVID-19 by both businesses and individuals. This channel is being heavily use during this time. So it is recommend to post updates to any applicable social media channels relate to closures and precautions your business is taking. This can be similar to the Google Business Profile post suggest above and can link to more information on your company website.


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Google Business Profile post are recommend

Social responsibility and transparency are key during this pandemic, and this must be effectively communicate with your customers. Paid Advertising In light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital advertising ecosystem is in a state of GN Lists flux with many businesses being force to make drastic changes to their strategies. Budgets and messaging due to health officials shutting down operations in various industries. Even though the sales of many products and services have come to a halt during this time, many have also continue operations unaffectedly. If operations have been unaffected. We suggest for advertising to operate the same.

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