Moving from the 4 Ps of Marketing to the 4 Es

A few years back Ogilvy & Mather introduced a new framework of marketing in the article titled ‘The 4 Ps are out, and the 4 Es are in’. Though this article was written quite some time ago, it couldn’t stand truer today. In it, they suggest that the traditional teachings of the 4 Ps of marketing – Product, Place, Price & Promotion, are outdated and should be replaced with the more modern framework – Experience, Everyplace, Exchange & Evangelism (also known as the 4 Es). The concept of the 4 Ps was created in an era where marketers ruled over consumers and products endured long shelf lives before being replaced with the next best thing.

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It definitely cannot compete in today’s ever-changing digital industry. The Internet has changed the way people find, research, and buy. In order for marketers to truly succeed online. They must adapt to these new buyer behaviors. If you want to be successful in today’s online market. You must shift how you (and your online efforts) approach your CMO Email Lists consumers. It is time for you to make the leap from a traditional 4 Ps of marketing approach and replace it with the modern 4 Es, and we are here to tell you how. What are The Four Es? What Do They Mean for Digital Marketing? Product to (Website) Experience Consumers today are more focused on the experience they have with a business rather than the features of the product.


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The amount of data available to you today makes it easier to see what your customers want. By harnessing your website’s analytics, you’re able to understand your customer’s journey, from initial contact to point of purchase. To understand GN Lists your buyer’s experience through your analytics data. Start by considering how people view your business on different devices. For example, do your customers have a good experience on their mobile devices as well as desktop? The goal is to give a consistent and enjoyable experience across all platforms from mobile and social to your website.

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