There are some limitations

There are some limitations  Datagma Lusha Kaspr They have their own databases so they will complete Linkedin data with their own. In this example we will use Kasper. 1. From Linkedin First step is to download the Kaspr Chrome extension. find phone numbers linkedin chrome extension Once you do that you will see on new icon on your browser when you visit a Linkedin profile. Click on it and you will get the option to find the phone number. get phone number linkedin For that you must buy credits from Kaspr. 

From Sales Navigator

From Sales Navigator, the process is the same. find seo expate bd phone from sales navigator with chrome extension Simply visit the Sales Navigator profile and you will see the same button appearing on your browser. This technique is efficient when you are looking for a few phone numbers. But when you need to find hundreds or thousands: you need another way to proceed. That’s exactly what we are going to cover in the next part. Find Phone Numbers from Linkedin in Bulk With the following workflow you can build a large lead list and get their phone numbers in bulk.

For this example

We will use Datagma. Let’s see how GN Lists to proceed. 1. From Linkedin 3 steps to get phone numbers from Sales Navigator: Make a Linkedin search Export search to CSV with Phantombuster Import CSV to Datagma 1. Make a Linkedin Search The first step is to build a list of leads or candidates using the linkedin search filters Once you are happy with the results, we can get to the next step. 2. Export search to CSV with Phantombuster The next step is to export your linkedin search results to a CSV file using Phantombuster’s Linkedin Search Export.export linkedin search results 1 Select the phantom in their library and follow the instructions. download linkedin search results 2048×1152 1 Few minutes later, you will end up with these results into an.

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