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The Web Scraping Process and Why It is Important in a Digital Strategy

Web Scraping is an automated online data extraction practice. The Web which helps create valuable information for your business. There is no room for guesswork in Digital Marketing . Anything that is not data-driven has the potential to offer more harm than good. And this is not a risk you want to take. Fortunately, there […]

Famous Bloggers Who Will Inspire You to Create Special Content

Below we provide a list of the most famous Hispanic bloggers today. Famous Bloggers A blogger is responsible for managing a website or social network with different purposes, whether to sell, inform or entertain. Taking advantage of the tools that Content Marketing provides them, they manage to create attractive and well-nourished content for their target […]

Make an Executive Summary of Your Business Plan

The executive summary will be the showcase of what. Make an your reader can find in more detail throughout the business plan. The main objective of having a business plan is to help collaborators plan their ideas, track them and predict risks. For all of this to work, the plan must be well structured. So, […]

How to Use Image Search in Google Lens

The first step to activate your search experience with Lens is. How to to access the Google Virtual Assistant on your smartphone . Then see if among its features there is an icon with a camera image, like in the image below. By tapping the option, Google Lens will now allow your camera to begin […]

The Application That Optimizes the User Experience With Visual Search

Google Lens is an innovation of Google Assistant. The Application which allows users to search through their smartphone camera. In addition to being a useful resource to use, the tool says a lot about the future of search engines and new online shopping habits. It’s true that voice search is in the spotlight, and many […]

How to delete your Facebook account step by step

How to delete your Facebook account step by step If you are in this post, it is because you created a Facebook account that you are not interested in continuing to have active right now. In this case, two things can happen. You want to know how to close your account, but not definitively, in […]

11 Examples of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

More and more businesses and professionals are realizing how powerful email marketing can be in a sales strategy, and they are implementing it. More and more people are starting to send emails to their database with the aim of generating trust and selling. Increasingly, they are encouraging themselves to write daily emails. If you’re here, […]

32 examples of very good and powerful advertisements

32 examples of very good and powerful advertisements. In this post I am going to compile more than 32 examples of advertising that over the years have been very effective and have left their mark. Because they have not emerged from nowhere, but rather a powerful advertising strategy has been designed. You have defined what […]

How to run remarketing campaigns in Google Ads

How to run remarketing campaigns in Google Ads. Google Ads is a complete advertising platform that allows us to attack the user’s entire purchasing process , which is why we can create. Google Ads campaigns aimed at prospecting, whose objective is for them to know our brand or product. Campaigns aimed at attracting traffic. Campaigns […]

What is a podcast and how to make the most of it in your Digital Strategy

What is a podcast and how to make the most of it in your Digital Strategy. Years ago you mentioned the concept of a podcast on the street and no one understood you. Today it is a popular format thanks to the efforts of large multinationals such as Amazon, Facebook or Spotify in promoting and […]