How to Use Image Search in Google Lens

The first step to activate your search experience with Lens is. How to to access the Google Virtual Assistant on your smartphone . Then see if among its features there is an icon with a camera image, like in the image below. By tapping the option, Google Lens will now allow your camera to begin your search. A list of different search types will appear once your camera is activated. It helps visualize the possibilities of results in Google Lens, which can be. Remember that when scanning an object, the focus of the image is essential for a search, since the more detailed the capture, the better Google will respond to it .

How to Image Search in Digital Marketing

Just as voice search is already a reality in the email database market and has good public attention, visual research is close to becoming popular among the public. People often process visual information much faster than text , and a Kissmetrics survey shows that 93% of consumers consider images to be decisive factors in the choice the user makes in their shopping experience . That is why companies and Digital Marketing specialists are already studying the new possibilities that Google Lens has brought to the market. By the way, those who already invest in content with images and videos are one step ahead in visual searches, especially when it comes to the wealth of images in product catalogs sold in e- commerce .

Greater Public Satisfaction

Have you ever had a frustrating experience GN Lists searching Google for something you’d like to buy and not finding a product like the one you saw in a physical store. Well, images in Google results do not always match the search term , just like videos. Proof of this is search behavior, which shows how users find exactly the product they want. A common example is specifying the color of a piece of furniture, the style of clothing, the shape of an object, or other adjectives that help the user find what is on their mind. This is also why image search and Google Lens bring optimism to the digital market . Through visual research, it is much more practical to help consumers find the perfect product, in addition to making the purchasing decision easier .

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