How to run remarketing campaigns in Google Ads

How to run remarketing campaigns in Google Ads. Google Ads is a complete advertising platform that allows us to attack the user’s entire purchasing process , which is why we can create. Google Ads campaigns aimed at prospecting, whose objective is for them to know our brand or product. Campaigns aimed at attracting traffic. Campaigns aimed at conversion. But we can also create campaigns that allow us to impact those users who have already visited our website, showing our ads while they browse the internet (Display network) or even when they use the Google search engine (search network).

Advantages of a Remarketing campaign in Google Ads

Advantages of a Remarketing campaign in Google Ads. There are several advantages of carrying out this type of strategy. By once again impacting the users who visited our website and who already know us, we will be able to increase the notoriety of our brand , since we will be more visible to our users when they browse other locations. This will increase our brand memory. Since we can show them again products or services that they have not purchased, we will increase the chances of them buying from us with the new subsequent email database impacts. In fact, remarketing campaigns are usually the most profitable if we take into account the investment and the return they report. .

Creation of lists

Creation of lists: Labeled and configured our website, the next phase is to create the lists in which we are going to segment our users, so we can create more specific campaigns for each of these lists. What types of lists can we create? Visiting a certain page, such as a product page, adding to cart, or playing a video can be some examples. To create the lists, we must do so from the segments section of the “Audience manager” section. how to run remarketing GN Lists campaigns in google ads Comment that Google has changed the name of remarketing lists to “your data segments”, so it is possible that from now on we will begin to see it this way.

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