LinkedIn Introducing Group Identity Targeting Option

LinkedIn has now introduce Group Identity Targeting options for advertisers to hone who sees their ads. Group Identity targeting uses first-party data (information that has been provide by users) offering many advantages as third-party cookies are phase out in the coming year. What is LinkedIn “Group Identity” targeting? As the name suggests, LinkedIn advertising is now going to be group oriented, rather than individual. Information provide by LinkedIn users will enable advertisers to select a group of people with similar characteristics, such as seniority or industry. Advertisers can then reach their target audience, within and beyond the LinkedIn feed, without individual-level tracking across sites.

How will “Group Identity” targeting be used

This grouping of profiles has been available on LinkedIn itself all along but limit to only the LinkedIn feed. This new service now offers extend reach outside the LinkedIn feed. It’s basically giving you more options to reach your audience base on their LinkedIn profiles. A great advantage for business-to-business (B2B) advertising. What does this mean for advertisers? Advertisers are face with the dilemma of the Chief and VP of Training Email Lists elimination of third-party cookies and growing difficulty with segmenting audiences to offer personalize advertising. If your business is built on selling to other businesses, LinkedIn may be a solution to efficient online advertising. Enable your LinkedIn Insight pixel now to take advantage when the targeting becomes available. Have you considered advertising on LinkedIn, but feel challenge by the complexities of LinkedIn marketing options? With expert help to design and track your campaign.


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