When the right digital marketing strategies are implemented

Happen aka Love Happens Conversions can be viewed as successful digital marketing connections. It means that whatever your strategy or tactics are, you are seeing real results and leads. Conversions can be anything from email signups, form completions, phone calls. Sales, or registrations, and if properly executed, it could mean long-term growth for your business. Conversions Happen 500 Words of Content aka 500 Days of Summer 500 Words Of Content “People should be able to say how they feel, how they really feel, without using filler words.  There’s a common myth surrounding content and minimum word counts. In the past, there has been discussion surrounding Google’s minimum word count.

It’s important to understand that there’s is not one suggested

It all depends on the page or blog topic. If it’s a topic that can be fully fleshed out, with many supporting content pieces, you may want to consider a longer word count. Or, if you’re writing a simple navigation page – you might not need 500 words. The basic idea is, don’t write more than you must – be direct and to the point, with the content you are VP Administration Email Lists adding to a page. Be Smarter with Links Google algorithms reward anchor text that aligns with the page content. Stop using “read more” or “next” and use your anchor text to provide more context to the page you are linking to. Build authority in a subject by linking to your own internal content, rather than referencing external blog posts or Wikipedia (and yes, I am not following my own advice in this very section.


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Factors that could affect EAT

Ontario SEO Image  refinements This time last year I predicted we would see a, “greater refinement in SERP features in 2021”. As we roll into 2022, we are certainly seeing the outcomes of these subtle refinements. In 2020/2021 many of our client websites were ranking for an extraordinary number of featured snippets. We have seen a significant GN Lists retraction in the available featured snippets in the last 6 months. Time will tell if this will be the norm. The only thing you can expect with the Google SERP is that it will never stay the same. Have you met BERT? In 2022 Google’s BERT may be becoming your very best friend or your mortal enemy.

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