Keep in mind, this number does not allocate a dime for digital ad spending

So, if you want to boost posts or advertise on the Googles, you will need loosen the purse strings a little bit more. If you were to invest that salary into an external SEO agency, you could expect to get a lot of bang for your buck. With average monthly SEO costs from an agency like ours sitting at around $5,000 per month, $60,000 would buy you a lot more direct SEO work than your salaried employee. Define your goals before you hire an in-house SEO specialist or agency When considering which direction works for you, consider your goals rather than dollar signs The reason it’s hard to talk cost comparison is because when you work with an external company, you get just that – an entire company. Alternatively, if you hire a digital marketer or SEO specialist, you get one person who has one set of skills.

While the new employee may spend more time working

These hours will only bear the fruit of one set of hands, brain and portfolio. Hiring a full-time person may make sense if you only have one particular marketing goal. For example, if all you are trying to do is increase your social engagements, one person may be a smart choice. A jack-of-all-trades may also work well if you are simply looking for Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists someone to manage your existing website and social medial platforms, rather than generate a fully fleshed-out SEO strategy or handle more labor-intensive tasks such as digital advertising. Working with an agency works well for companies who want to: Grow Launch multi-platform campaigns and initiatives Access specialized knowledge and technical skill sets in response to evolving needs Develop short and long term marketing strategies with seasoned experts.


C Level Executive List

An agency will easily adapt to your brand voice

Take advantage of insights gleaned from working within and beyond your competitive market Do you want to build an in-house marketing team? Every business owner is familiar with the complexities and rewards of hiring new people. There are both challenges and opportunities when it comes to selecting employees for cultural fit GN Lists and competency. Sometimes, you strike gold and a new hire blows your socks off. Other times, you have high hopes and the person does not live up to their resume. When deciding whether to bring on the digital firepower you need to compete online, take the time to consider how much recruiting and training you want to do. The employment pool in digital marketing is currently very limited. Be ready to compete for experienced people and move quickly, or you will lose out in this market.

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