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 It is also necessary to invest in research and development to be able to innovate and offer improvements in a competitive market.Sales, among many concepts, can be defin as the exercise of exposing and offering the public (potential customer or real customer) a good or service in order to satisfy nes by obtaining economic compensation, that is, profitability. A greater depth of sales means mentioning the ways in which they are carri out: telephone sales, automatic sales, wholesale sales, retail sales and a modality that has had a substantial increase in times of pandemic, electronic commerce .

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The profile of every salesperson includes characteristics such as attitude, personal skills (effective communication, active listening, work under objectives, empathy, assertiveness) and professional knowlge (negotiation strategies, knowlge of the mission and vision of the company and the technical specifications of the product or service to be market). If we show a more comprehensive profile of the seller who manages his venture , we can highlight extra qualities such as b2b leads creativity, ingenuity, leadership and, above all, flexibility to change. It is important to know the common mistakes that salespeople who manage a business make, including not planning the objectives adequately before implementing them, not knowing their strengths or those of their team, not assigning a clear budget, not formalizing and not delegate functions.

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Sales techniques are the strategies that are appli to convince the potential customer to make the purchase , as well as to retain the real customer and encourage them to recommend. svg E What are effective sales techniques for an GN Lists entrepreneur? In the first instance, take into account the monitoring of your client, thus establishing correct relationship management. Show testimonials about the quality of the product or service and the purchasing experience. It is important to carry out exclusive marketing for clients, in order to “reward” them for already being a repeat offender with our business.

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