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It is also said that “you have to train people well enough so that they can leave, but treat them well enough so that they want to stay.” Adequate group integration It is necessary for marketing managers to get involv in the work of their collaborators so that they see them as part of the team and not as bosses who expect results. Bosses should seek to focus on the results, avoiding interfering in the tasks of their teams and rather empowering them. Unit performance The performance of the individual helps the performance of the group, and this, in turn, the performance of the areas, which help the performance of the organization.

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Each person’s task is clearly relat to the final product, each person’s contribution is very clear and someone’s failure has b2b email list an impact on the organization. Feback Feback gives us guidance signals about our performance. They can be internal signals (from the organization) or external (from our clients or consumers), and they must be permanent. Arthur Rubinstein said: “When I stop rehearsing one day (because he play every day), the public notices; “When I stop rehearsing for two days, the critics notice, and when I stop rehearsing for three days I notice.

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Feback is very important. Training and experience of collaborators It is the main pillar for teams to function. Employees add experience and training in their work history, and this background must be recogniz and reward so that they feel valu. Peter Drucker said that excellent companies invest between 300 and 400 hours per capita in training annually. Investing to GN Lists improve people is a necessity. We live in a time where a lot of information is produc, with new products, processes and ways of doing things, and in the face of all this, the organization that learns the fastest is going to win, it’s that simple.

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