Change Charity Dinner On the day of the event

We were in awe with the level of effort and care that went into making the event a huge success. From the draperies to the table dressings, everything had been carefully thought through. Minds for Change Charity Drag Dinner at Brescia University College Table dressings at a Night at The Moulin Rouge We were astonished by the exclusivity of the silent auction items. There were art pieces, gift baskets, free memberships, and even a trip to Italy up for auction! Silent auction items at Minds for Change Charity Drag Dinner Miss Conception put on an amazing performance, changing costumes after every song. She brought us to different countries with her song choices and spared no enthusiasm.

There were art pieces

She had the whole room participating in her performance, dancing and singing along throughout the evening. Miss Conception Performing at Brescia University College Drag Queen Miss Conceptions performance at Minds for Change Miss Conceptions Drag Performance in Support of FEMAP The London Fire Department and Lexus VP Financial Email Lists of London ensured that event attendees had a safe way to and from the event with their valet services. London Firefighters picked up guests and drove them back home in Lexus of London vehicles before and after the event. The London Fire Department valet services at Minds for Change Lexus of London vehicles for the valet service at Brescia University College During the event, we got to hear from one of FEMAP’s clients.

C Level Executive List

During her heartfelt speech

She told us of her struggles and how she had exhausted every avenue before finally reaching out to FEMAP. We learned how FEMAP turned her situation around and helped her find healthy coping mechanisms. Tactics to transform her life, all through the help of this amazing program. FEMAP client’s speech about the program at GN Lists Minds for.  Change Supporting London’s Youth.  The event attendees. Were happy to extend a helping hand and a donation in support of the initiative. Next year, there will not be a shortage of volunteers and donations based on the success.   Minds for Change’s first event. Overall, Minds for Change raised over $30,000 for FEMAP’s First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program, directly contributing to more resources for youth.

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