Minds for Change  A Night at The Moulin Rouge

In 2019, mental health is more important to address than ever with the rise of anxiety and depression in our youth. At Ontario SEO, we believe that everyone has a right to mental health services regardless of age. With most mental illness starting before age 25, there is a massive need for more supports for our youth. When we were invited to sponsor the London Health Sciences Centre & Minds for Change through digital marketing services for their Charity Drag dinner at Brescia University College in support of FEMAP, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support such a great cause.

First Annual Minds for

A Charity Event for Mental Illness.  FEMAP (First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program) is a program aimed at helping teens with their mood and anxiety symptoms. They give youth a safe place to get the services they need before symptoms Canadian CFO Email Lists get out of hand, and provide a variety of services such as therapy, medication and substance abuse treatments. Currently, the wait list to see a counselor at FEMAP is extremely long. And youth who need the services aren’t being seen for up to 7 months. The goal of the event was to raise funds for.  FEMAP services and in turn source new counselors and psychologists to help youth as soon as possible.


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Digital Marketing for Drag Ontario

SEO was brought on-board as a partner to provide digital marketing services the form of.  Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the event in support of FEMAP. The event featured a gourmet dinner and wine. A silent auction with donated goods and services, and a performance by Miss Conception – a Toronto Drag Queen famous for her GN Lists fast costume changes. With excitement building for the event. We hit the ground running with digital marketing targeted to those with interest in philanthropic and charitable interests and got the message to relevant audiences in the London community. Through integrated marketing efforts with Minds for Change. We were able to improve ticket sales and awareness for the event as well as the FEMAP program.

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