A bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors

To their initial search results, or away from the site in general after only viewing one page. Converting On The First Click Converting on the first click, or ‘First-Click Attribution’ is an analytics attribution model that represents the initial or first click which leads a visitor to a website and then is subsequently given credit for a conversion or sale. Meta Tag An HTML meta tag is use to provide information about a web page. It is not visibly display on the page, but typically contain specific page information such as a descriptor, keywords and other important metadata. Google Listing A Google listing is not specifically a website, but rather a listing on Google that displays when a user is searching for a business name or a type of business.

It displays business information

Allowing users to quickly gather contact and business information. Click To Call Click-to-call, also referr to as click-to-talk or click-to-dial, is a form of web-base communications where a user can click on a button or text to be connect to a representative by phone while they are browsing a website. Link Building To put it simply, link Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists building is an SEO tactic or process in which you acquire links to your website from other websites. It’s consider a favourable SEO tactic (if done right), as it tells Google that your website is regard as a quality or trust source. Bad Landing Page A landing page is use in digital marketing as a standalone page design to convert.

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Who will immediately navigate back

Well designed and developed landing pages will encourage visitors to complete.  An action such as completing a form or making a purchase. Poorly designed landing pages, on the other hand. Will not succeed in making a user convert. And they will inevitably force the user to “bounce” from the landing page. Returning to their previous page GN Lists without completing the desired next steps. Examples of bad landing pages include lack of information to convert. Being sent to an error page, or an unclear call-to-action, to name a few. Impressions Impressions, when it comes to digital marketing, is when an advertisement. Web page or form of digital media is displayed on a user’s screen.

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