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At the top of your website is recommended to direct people to You can think of impressions as defining the number of times the advertisement or digital media piece is potentially viewed. Orphan URL Orphaned URL’s are the pages within a website that seem to be missing internal linking within a site. Orphan pages can be an issue as they often go unindexed and will not show up in search results as a crawler won’t be able to connect to the page. Let’s Talk the Love Language of Digital Marketing Are you still unclear about what these valentine’s really mean? Not to worry, that’s what we’re here for. We can help to create a targeted digital marketing strategy that genuinely connects with your customers online – like a love match made in heaven.

Talk the Love Language of Digital Marketing

Are you looking for a new digital relationship? Get in touch with our team to learn more about digital marketing services and start planning your digital strategy today. This may all seem overwhelming, but our experienced team of digital President Email Lists marketing specialists can help you update your strategy to meet the needs of today’s competitive online market. Responses like “I have no patience for people who hide behind computer screens.” Will not earn you any future business. Online reviews aren’t going anywhere, so let’s ensure they’re adding value to our lives, businesses, and interactions with others. They should, for the most part, be reliable, readable, and helpful.


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It’s not good versus evil in the realm of reviews. But rather just regular people trying to do their best. Spend their money wisely, and access the products and services they need based on the input of other well-meaning people. Let’s do better as GN Lists online reviewers and as businesses.  Who have a responsibility to deliver on their customer commitments and uphold their brand’s integrity in-person and online. If you want to learn more about the strength of reviews and how to make the most out of them, reach out to me and we can wield that power to grow your business.

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