Valentine’s Cards for SEOs and Digital Marketers

To celebrate Valentine’s day like the true digital marketing nerds that we are. We once again created some good old-fashioned valentine cards that speak to our love of SEO.  After that, SEM and all things digital marketing. Is your special someone an SEO specialist, developer, content professional. A paid or organic marketing specialist. Send them a valentine that speaks to their true passion with these nerdy, quirky and unique valentines’! Be sure to check out our digital marketing Valentine’s from 2019. Roses are  Violets are CFF I’ll Stop.  After that, Coding Only For You I’d use Internet Explorer for you Are you a shopping cart? ‘Cause I can’t stop checking you out.

The month of love is upon us

After that, You make my heart bounce more than a bad landing page.  You keep my bounce rate low and my heart rate high. Click to Call me.  Maybe You must be building links to my heart. Cause I can feel my rankings increase If you were a Google listing, you’d rank  in my heart. It was love at first Impression You make me feel like an Orphan URL receiving Founder Email Lists search traffic DOWNLOAD PDF What Do These Mean? Are you a little unsure what these nerdy valentine cards really mean? Let us explain…FF0000 and CFF These are HTML colour codes, and they are used to identify and represent a specific colour online. They are comprised of hexadecimal values that represent the RGB colour.

C Level Executive List

SEM and all things digital marketing

HTML code for ‘red’ and CFF is the code for ‘blue’. Internet Explorer Internet Explorer often gets a bad rap for a number of reasons. For digital marketers and tech professionals, it’s avoided for its frequent security issues and its susceptibility to hackers. After that, Shopping Cart Just like the cart’s used in the real world, an eCommerce shopping cart is used to GN Lists facilitate the purchase process on a website or eCommerce platform. It allows users to collect items from an online store, collect the items in a virtual cart, and complete the payment and connect with the shipping process. Bounce Rate It’s important to understand what a bounce rate really is.

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