When it comes to text styles

Well-crafte and catchy headlines can entice the user to actually read more. Summaries or brief introductions are also useful. In addition, statistics and external links are also worth including, but they can be much more useful if they are groupe at the end of the text., follow this approach: write the most important words in bold, while trying to create a quickly understandable and meaningful text. We recommend avoiding the line below the text as it is reserve for links. Also leave plenty of white space – best practice is to write in multiple paragraphs to avoid writing all the text in one big block. In addition, it is good advice not to put too many things (texts, links, images) on the same page.

Customers and therefore more sales

If you follow all of the above, together they will make your texts suitable for the web. You increase your sales through an effective contact form You database may not know it, but sometimes a few small changes to your contact form are enough to get a lot more. It’s no coincidence that even on the biggest and most famous websites, the contact form undergoes several changes over time, because optimizers are always looking for the most effective form.


Which customers can copy

The contact form is the main way customers can GN Lists contact you directly. Nevertheless, on many sites, we can find just an email address, and write if necessary. However, this method is not efficient enough, as most Internet users do not take this extra step – they do not bother to open their mailbox and copy the address there. However, if you provide a contact form directly on the page, the user can send you a message with just one click.

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