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A similar relationship was also notice by Warren Buffett, who warne that “It takes 20 years to build a good reputation, and only 5 minutes to destroy it.” Benefits of using an umbrella brand An umbrella brand works well when initially the brand is known and respecte by customers. When a company releases another similar product, it can use it instead of going through the teious process of building another brand and its awareness among recipients. This allows for savings, even taking into account the packaging or logo. Launching similar production in one factory is much easier than launching a completely new enterprise. Are you looking for ways to promote your brand.

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We will offer you only the effective ones. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Also, the processes in the umbrella company are already optimize – another brand can benefit from it. Already owne distribution channels or models make it easier database to sell another product. The products can be of better quality, because the producer only has to work once to improve the recipe, new logo or packaging. He does not have to outsource these tasks multiple times, as he would if he produce products under many different brands. A customer who has already become convince of a given brand does not have to go through the entire decision-making process all over again.


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From overcoming objections to making a purchase decision. What instead of an umbrella brand? An umbrella brand is often create when a company expands its scope of activity to another field. It happens that this is how corporations, which starte GN Lists with a company that produces only one thing, bud up over time. However, it also happens differently. It may happen that a lifestyle brand releasing products from a narrow, new category will not find understanding among customers. It is worth mentioning here, for example, the activities of publishers who had projects to expand the Playboy, Cosmopolitan or Glamor brands to industries such as clothing or food.

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