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The offer of a given brand can get lost in the crowd, and a given person is not necessarily the one with whom it would be most profitable to work with in terms of image. Sponsorship and charity offer The most common mistake is confusing sponsorship and charity. It very often happens that a sponsorship offer concerns a respecte athlete or a local activist – then you can combine the two. Sometimes, however, the personal beliefs and motivations of the business owner do not come into contact with what is profitable to invest in from a business point of view.

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Remember that the sponsorship offer should put the sponsor in a good light. Ideally, it should be risk-free and the sponsore person or organization has a generally recognize positive connotation and good association. This is often the case with phone number list animal protection and sport. This can be the case with culture makers or scientists, if a well-matche person creates something that correlates with the values ​​of the brand. A sponsorship offer for an entity in the field of religion will not necessarily have the same positive effect, and it is better not to sponsor political activists at all. Their behavior may surprise you in the perspective of even a few weeks, and negative associations may drag with the company for a long time.

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It is worth looking at the idea of ​​a sponsorship offer from a distance. It may turn out that a given company or person is not as neutral as it seeme at first. Sponsorship offer as a PR tool A sponsorship offer can be part of activities such as crisis GN Lists management or a PR campaign. Very often, a well-known and respecte person appears in a brand campaign just when the company’s image nees improvement. The influencer thus shows that he is not afraid of such company. Implicitly because the brand still has a good reputation in his opinion. Very often, a well-constructe contract is behind the seemingly innocent friendship of sports stars or the meia with representatives of a particular brand.

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