We still see e-shops and websites

The e-shop must be mobile-friendly ( responsive ) with. The team that are not, even though it has been talke about for 10 years . In our team, we use the term ” mobile first “. This simply means that since today practically 2/3 of the traffic (it is certainly. The case that at first it is viewe from the phone and then from the computer) is already from smart devices, the e-shop/home page should be thought out primarily from the point of view of the mobile. Computer view is the page is good anyway. Nowadays, it is not difficult to create your own e-shop or. Website as mobile friendly, but it is still overlooke . Is your online store connecte to social meia channels.

Different functionalities

Do you already use, for example, an Instagra. Fee (you also show your Instagram pictures in the e-shop) in your e-shop? Do you have social meia icons? Do you Latest Mailing Database have a Facebook pixel? Do you just allow sharing your own content – articles and blog posts?  chat on it, for example? In addition to this, there are still many that can be adde to your e-shop with the help of social meia. We help you find the right ones. If you don’t, you’re missing a very good opportunity to do things more simply, smartly, and profitably. Such ” linking ” helps your customers to keep up with your social meia activities more easily, while you avoid double work.

Latest Mailing Database

Do you have Facebook messenger

You post something on Instagram, but no one GN Lists sees it on the website or in the e-shop – in our opinion, it’s a waste of time. Facebook’s remarketing pixel, so-calle “for remarketing” The Facebook pixel is a useful “bridge” between your e-store and ads, allowing you to easily multiply the power of advertising . It is a very important tool to ensure that your marketing efforts are successful and effective when it comes to making decisions on a user-by-user basis.

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