To the online reputation plan a simple

 There are ways to protect yourself the simplest of all is to attach. To the online reputation plan a simple manual that brings together some of the good practices or respectful suggestions so that the individual use of social networks is correct. This manual is an excellent mechanism to overcome threats because through education and evangelization. employees will be able to recognize the corporate risks that arise from their individual actions. The manual should be a document of preventive behavior. never restrictive.

In which all members of the company

 Therefore, its creation should be a collaborative process. In which all members of b2b leads the company participate. What is sought with this document is to identify situations. foresee reactions and suggest actions to protect oneself from self-generated crises. 3. Is there a process for protecting critical information? The most common cause of reputation crises is information leaks. For this reason. in the online reputation plan. space must be opened for the design of mechanisms that serve to prevent these information leaks.

For handling critical information and this

Few businesses have strict controls and clear procedures. For handling critical GN Lists information and this makes them vulnerable. For their part. those who have them end up hindering and limiting the performance of their collaborators on a day-to-day basis. These two extremes are harmful. The purest treasure a human being can aspire to in these times is an unblemished reputation. – william shakespeare documents that describe labor policies. relationships with suppliers. business plans. strategies to confront competitors and others.

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