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Another very good feature of automatic forwarding of unopened emails Restores users who have not opened specific emails is sending a copy of the same email at other times ( for example the next day). In this way, you can restore users who did not read your email in the original send and increase your open rate. With the Automatic Resend option, you can modify the following on the second shipment: Subject of the email.

You can also configure a global footer

Subject of the email and add comments, such as “ Did you miss my email yesterday?” The special data subject of the email and the content of the email itself. With this option, you can get extra vacancies, which is no small matter. How to create an account In Once I tell you the benefits, action should be taken, so let’s create an account. The steps are as follows: When we arrive at the website, we will click the blue button to create a free account. We registered.

Individual pages, and archive pages

 Before we begin the process of filling out our profile, I recommend that you change the language to Spanish, which can be found in my profile > change language: We complete the profile, covering all the data that the tool asks us to provide. Finally, we will GN Lists continue to request confirmation of our account. This is required to prevent the creation of fake accounts at will. Once we have confirmed the account, we can use all the possibilities of the tool.

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