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 Testing Testing Testing is well known in the digital marketing world and allows us to test different content to see which works best. The essence of the test is to change only one element, whether it is an email, landing page, banner, etc. and then see which element is converted or works best. For this, you can test email and landing pages by the percentage of users or visitors you decide. For example, in an email, you can change certain specific details of the subject, sender, or content, such as buttons.

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On the landing page, you can also change buttons, titles, images, etc. Allows you to test up to latest database different versions of landing pages. After testing and passing the test time, it will be responsible for launching the email with the best user interaction or publishing the landing page with the highest conversion rate. Ship by Time Zone I find this option very interesting because it allows you to send emails simultaneously in different time zones.

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A very good option to send email at the same time anywhere. For example, suppose the best time to send an email in Spain is in the morning . Well, for example, it’s not the right time to get into your GN Lists inbox for people who are arriving in Mexico in the early hours of the morning, is it? Because of this option, emails will be sent in the morning, even in a different time zone than your own.

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