How to do a competitor analysis on Instagram

Yes, it’s me, he’s nice, handsome, charming… you know… Hahaha. (Laughing at your own jokes is bad, right?). I look up and sigh, I don’t know where to start. So much without writing, I almost thought she was going to abandon the blog. No, she was clear about it, although not very clear about how to approach it. Too much time in crisis. I’m not going to tell you anything about it, at least for now… But from the bottom of my heart, hello again. After all, if you are still there it is because you know that I will manage to break the blockade, that I will continue with you and that what will come will be… very Vic. Right?

Why analyze my competitors on Instagram?

Just as to create a winning SEO strategy it is good to analyze your competition, to make a great social media plan as well. Competition is a very important point , they are the best teachers to help you grow, increase engagement and succeed. What do my competitors do better than me? You can always learn something new, right? And I’m not talking about frying an egg in the microwave. Listilli, let’s see if you can. What mistakes do they make that I can avoid making in my profile? You industry email list learn from mistakes and it is better to learn from third party mistakes than from your own. Eeeem, let’s see, also one of yours, the lyrics with blood go in easily. It was like that? What publications work best for you? If it works for them, who have a similar audience, it will work for me too. You can only obtain the a

Where do I start the competitor analysis?

Data collection is the first step before proceeding to interpret it. Do not start taking data and analyzing at the same time, this will give you erroneous conclusions without a solid basis. Your intuition doesn’t count here. Wait until you reach GN Lists the end and follow the steps. 1.- Find who your competitors are on Instagram Hashtags # or tags are a great source of information. Search and monitor generic hashtags for your brand or products. This way you will discover the accounts that also share using these tags. Write down about 10/20 competitors in an Excell to research them later.

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