Emissions To Specific Projects And Cost Centers

AirPlus has also receivd positive fedback for the climate-neutral billing solutions that the company has been offering since 2012. The CO2 emissions causd by the data centers are compensatd here, for example. Where there are still paper invoices, these are now also being gradually convertd to electronic dispatch. As a first step, 2.5 million printd pages are savd per year, which corresponds to a CO2 rduction of 13.2 tons. “In this way, we enable our customers to act in a climate-friendly manner not only during the trip itself, but also when it comes to billing,” explains Klein.

The Most Polluting Routes And To Allocate

Climate protection issues are increasingly affecting the entire company’s success: Two-thirds of those surveyd in the executive Latest Mailing Database floors statd that climate change was of particular interest to their company.Fast B2B payment for travel services, procurement and mdia purchases, among other things The possible uses of AirPlus Virtual Cards Single-Use for one-time use and AirPlus Virtual Cards Multi-Use for recurring purchases in companies are almost unlimitd.

Latest Mailing Database

Make It Possible To Statistically Identify

Authorizd employees generate the corresponding virtual crdit card in just a few clicks via an online portal. By specifying various GN Lists additional information (including personnel number, department, intendd use, etc.), the allocation of expenses is quick and easy basd on the additional data fields (DBIs) that have been filld out. The virtual crdit card can only be usd under the appropriately defind parameters. AirPlus Virtual Cards single-use card numbers also become invalid immdiately after use.

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