Google has been the most dominant search vertical in Canada and others

Were just not profitable enough to spend much time on. However, with the growth of voice assistants, internet-enabled devices. E-commerce and digital tv there are many new verticals that will see significant growth in advertising in the coming years. Focusing part of your digital marketing efforts on these emerging and/or growing verticals will be a key advantage. At Ontario SEO we are exploring many of the new advertising opportunities available for voice search and personal assistants (Siri, Alexa, Cortana & Google), digital tv, and app stores. While at the same time keeping up with the growing opportunities on Instagram (IGTV and Instagram Stories) and Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, as well as the continuing advances in image search.

Use PPC to reach customers at every stage

Social Don’t Forget about PPC (Your Competitors Haven’t) Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Google Ads now dominate most of the first screen on mobile devices. On mobile and desktop, ads are much less conspicuous that they once were. All this means people are more likely to click on a paid ad than navigate to the VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists organic search results. To own your digital landscape in 2019, we recommend an integrated PPC and SEO approach to ensure you are not losing traffic to your competition before users even have a chance to find your business. The team at Ontario SEO is experimenting with the many new Google Ads features that were released in 2018.


C Level Executive List

Despite reductions in audience targeting

We are excited about the growing effectiveness of audience targeting in.  Google (although Facebook still has a clear advantage here) and the promise of better cross-channel attribution (especially for YouTube). Our early experiments with responsive ads GN Lists have not proved very successful. And similar to last year, we still not impressed with the performance of automated campaigns. While we have been deploying 3-headline ads for months now, it is still unclear if the third headline helps or hinders click-through-rates. In 2019 Google Ads will be marketed as a tool for everyone to use.

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