How to use analytics to improve the positioning of channels on YouTube

Rubén Loan , youtuber and ambassador of Notion , has been the star guest in the new installment of the Flat 101 podcast , in which he has been able to reflect and offer very useful advice in relation to data measurement on the well-known audiovisual creation platform. . Rubén has a YouTube channel with almost 50 thousand followers. The YouTuber confesses that the project was born at a time when he was working as an employee. “I had been an entrepreneur, and I wanted to do something that was my own project. What better way than to start a YouTube channel where I can talk about my previous experiences , about how you can organize yourself, use company tools to improve both your productivity and the operational management of certain processes…”

How does YouTube's neural network work

YouTube’s neural network is the tool in category email list charge of recommending videos to users. This consists of a function very similar to that of human neurons . «It is a network that works a lot based on what the viewer wants to see. Many times we focus on the fact that we have to understand how algorithms work , how neural networks work to give them the content they want., when really in the case of YouTube those neural networks and algorithms are prepared to show what people want to see. So, in the end, they are based a lot on psychology. You have to understand what people want to see and how they want to see it to be able to create videos that really position themselves or are shown to those people,” explains Rubén.

Creating videos that respond to a need

In searched videos people want to find GN Lists things. It’s not just about using keywords, but you have to go one step further. You have to focus on or a search that a user wants to do. On the contrary. In the case of videos that are made to be suggested. It is the same neural network that will suggest what you should see because it believes that you are interested. Based on your tastes or interests. For that reason, these suggested videos are more likely to go viral: they will appear in the main feed. In the suggestions or in the subscription tabs.

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