Moderna appoints Juan Manuel Montoro as marketing director in Spain

Moderna España has announced the appointment of Juan Manuel Montoro as marketing director, a newly created position with which the Spanish affiliate reinforces its commitment to Spain and its commitment to talent. Juan Manuel also joins the Management Committee in Spain, reporting to Juan Carlos Gil, General Director of Moderna for Spain and Portugal. Juan Manuel Montoro has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the vaccine sector. He has recently joined Moderna with the objective of directing the company’s marketing and commercial strategies , and enhancing its success and growth in Spain.

Development of Moderna Spain's identity

Likewise, it will contribute to the as top industry data an innovative company, whose knowledge has allowed it to be so fast in obtaining a vaccine to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and which already has more than 47 products in development. through its messenger RNA technology platform that can change people’s well-being. According to JM Montoro, “I join the Moderna team with great enthusiasm. Moderna is an exciting company, with a clear mission to create a new generation of medicines based on messenger RNA technology , which transform the lives of patients. After more than a decade studying mRNA, Moderna has a solid and encouraging mRNA platform, and the coronavirus vaccine are just the beginning of a great journey. 

The career of Juan Manuel Moreno

JM Montoro has a degree in Pharmacy GN Lists from the University of Granada and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from the Autonomous University of Madrid, as well as in the Financial Acumen & Business Leadership Program from Duke Corporate Education. Montoro began his professional career in the pharmaceutical industry as a Junior Brand Manager in the GSK Hospitals Business Unit and continued his experience at Servier, where he held various positions in the sales and marketing areas, working in Neurosciences and Osteoporosis. After this period, he launched an innovative treatment for epilepsy at EISAI, until his subsequent incorporation to Sanofi Pasteur as head of Marketing for HPV vaccines.

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