Political Narration: How to Communicate Successfully

Political narration: how to communicate successfully political communication. Elections. Politics. Storytelling trust an expert storyteller to tell your winning political story! Does political storytelling mean innovating language and adapting it to our times? Yes. Because. If until a few years ago it was sufficient for politics to identify effective communication channels. Develop simplifie messages accessible to the entire electorate. Today social transformations. Those of the meia and their use. Make these strategies insufficient to satisfy the increasingly elaborate communication nees. And this is where political narration and online political communication come into play . 

The mutation of communication is the first step to study.

The mutation of communication is the first step to study. Politics can no longer simply communicate : it must be able to interpret the society it addresses. Its identity and latest database its prospects. On this interpretation it is useful to.  Build a narrative space through which to realize a concrete and realistic political project. Triggering a profitable balance between rationality and emotion. Alongside the effectiveness of some traditional forms of communication such as rallies. Party press. Door-to-door contact. Mass meia and posters. New meia currently exist .  Which mainly  constitute communication on blogs and social networks . Which imply the professional modulation of other . Languages and other logics in your online political communication.

Storytelling is therefore also political communication.

In this phase of epochal change in communication and the advent of the online world. Italian politics remains tie to communication systems and strategies GN Lists no longer . Capable of establishing and maintaining relationships with voters. Thus. Politics is perceive as self-referential and obsolete. Storytelling is the solution: excite your electorate with modern communication strategies. Storytelling is the art of telling stories . Applie to the world of politics. It has the aim of spreading certain values. Ideas or initiatives through stories that can influence and win over citizens. We thus give meaning to your speech. To the story of your personal life and political career. We arouse emotions. We allow the politician to empathize with people. To allow them to identify with the values ​​he proposes.

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