Ontario SEO offers flexible work hours to accommodate

Staff are also accommodate if they need to work from home on occasion, and we allow our out-of-town team members to work from home a few days a week to minimize commute time. Keeping up the Creative In a data-driven industry, it’s easy to dive into the numbers and forget to have some fun. We take the time for creative brainstorms and put a lot of effort into connecting data and creative to develop strategies that not only engage customers, but also convert them. A Fun Place to Work Celebrations with Cake We eat a lot of cake here. When birthdays and important personal milestones come around, we take a moment away from our busy workdays to get together to celebrate and share some laughs – and some cake of course.

Our staff’s differentiating schedules

Staff are entitle to birthdays off. It’s a fun add perk that allows our team to celebrate their big day any which way they choose. Seasonal Holiday Celebrations We like to celebrate seasonal events and holiday’s whenever possible. Everything from Partners Email Lists ice cream outings on the first day of spring, summer kick-off barbecues, Thanksgiving potluck dinners, Christmas gingerbread house contests and afternoon treats to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Food Challenges One way that we keep things interesting in the office is with our weekly food challenge competitions.


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Birthdays Off At Ontario SEO

We take turns bringing in a home-cooked lunch for the team based on a pre-set theme and vote on a winner. From sandwiches, mac and cheese, soup, cultural, and vegan – we’ve done them all. It makes for a fun weekly team lunch that we all look forward to. We would like to thank London Inc. for recognizing Ontario SEO as one of London’s Best GN Lists Places to Work for 2020, and we are honoured to be named among some of London’s top workplaces. Our Overall Score: Overall Engagement: 91% Dedication: 4.75 Effort: 4.50 Interest. Net Promoter: 100 Here’s a look at what those individual scores really mean: Overall Engagement: Overall-engagement measures and assess how employees view the organization as a fulfilling place to work in the long-run.

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