Link Harvesting through Email A Data-Driven Study

Of course you will have casualties and that will be a very good sign. A good email causes cancellations and sales. But rest assured that there will be people who not only will not be overwhelmed, they will be looking forward to receiving your daily email. Not everyone will like you, nor does they need to. Being liked by everyone is in bad taste. And here is another of the big questions that you all ask yourself before starting to do this: Do you need to be very creative to write an email every day? Not at all. Creativity is in life itself. Everything has been given to us.

Being liked by everyone Link Harvesting is in bad taste

We just have to look at our daily lives with the eyes category email list of writing a small email. In the end it is more a matter of mentality and discipline than creativity. Creativity comes later. Below, at Dean’s request, I show you a recent daily email that was quite successful, so you can see a real example of what we are talking about and also see how simple it is: Real example and daily email structure It’s only 300 words and a link. With that you have more than enough and I assure you that you don’t have to be creative or a writer, just know how to detect the stories.

Real example and daily email structure It's only 300 words

Once you’re at it, you’ll have many more GN Lists ideas than days to write emails, I assure you. Is this really that profitable? Yes it is. But of course, it’s not a trick, it’s not getting rich in two months, it’s not about that. It’s a matter of perseverance. You grow the list, little by little, and every day you send them your email, with your link so they can contact you or to sell whatever, each time the ball gets bigger and bigger. But like everything really effective and lucrative, you must have some patience. An initial way I drove traffic to the landing page for my daily email (since I’m not SEO and don’t know how to move traffic that way) was through interviews.

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