How to Look Professional on Zoom

A webcam won’t help you when you’re trying to look professional. It may feel like an impossible task, but there are a few simple ways to significantly improve the video quality on your Zoom calls.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your webcam video:

Fix lighting
Lighting is the biggest problem most people have with video calls. If you can improve your lighting, the quality of your footage will immediately improve and it will look much better.

The list may seem long, but the good news is that there are many ways to improve the lighting in your conference room without breaking the bank.

Ring Lights One of the Simplest Ways

Clamp lights are one of the cheapest light sources you can buy. You can buy them online or at department stores for about $10 to $25 each. It is recommended to purchase three or more lights if possible, but you can create a sufficiently bright space with just one or two lights.

When using clamp lights or other strong, direct Ws Database light sources, the most important thing is to diffuse the light. You can easily make it at home using everyday household items.

Diffuse light means scattering light from a direct light source. The idea is to diffuse the light so that it shines much softer and less directly. Harsh, direct light tends to cast shadows on the face and highlight skin imperfections.

Clamp Light Diffuse Lights Are One

Place translucent objects a few inches away from lights to diffuse light in your home. Keep in mind what type of light bulb you use and how much heat it produces. If the bulbs are too hot, you may need to place your homemade diffuser a little further away to avoid a fire hazard.

For Zoom meetings and online video GN Lists calls, here are the cheapest options:

1. Natural light
Will the meeting be held during the day? Does your office have windows?

Position your desk so that the window is directly in front. Drape curtains, thin sheets, or other translucent materials over your windows to diffuse the light and make it appear softer.

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