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My Profiles menu item. You can add e.g. the address of your website. contact information. information about ucation and position. etc. You can also choose  with the Gravatar image. Also check out another interesting icon. the Favicon . Annika Pulkkinen Guest writer Annika Pulkkinen is a side magician and problem solver . He enjoys being able to guide you through the mazes of the WordPress world.

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Where he has been active since Search europe email list engine optimization 20 June 2018 Juuso Juniper Search engine optimization guide updat on August 4. 2020 Search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an  marketing . Since the sites rank 1st to 3rd in the search results attract the majority of visitor traffic. it is worth investing in search engine optimization. In this article.

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We will familiarize ourselves GN Lists with the basics of search engine optimization and go through individual important points that can influence the results. I hope that the writing would be useful to as many people as possible and that it would be a good SEO guide from a beginner’s point of view. In the article. I also list several tasks that should be complet on each site. Table of contents What is Search Engine Optimization

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